Hidden Hunger

Hidden Hunger is not the traditional hunger we are used to feel. It occurs when there is an inadequate intake of micro-nutrients which are crucial to the physical and mental development of a human being.

It is not like the conventional hunger we are used to feel when we are starving. This deficiency weakens the growth and development even when the stomach is full. This deficiency is very common in underdeveloped as well as developing countries.

India is no exception. We have a high rate of malnutrition along with a huge population that is suffering from hidden hunger. To tackle this alarming issue, awareness and availability of the required products is the key.

Fortification is one such way out. It is the process of adding essential micro-nutrients in the daily use products such as rice, flour, oils, and even dairy. FSSAI also rigorously promotes fortification of foods products to get India out of malnutrition. Look for the below mark on the packaging to get the fortified version of the food.

People who can should get themselves tested at regular intervals for any deficiencies that may pose a threat in the long run. This will help them identify the problem more specifically so they can work on it for their betterment. There are a number of supplements available in the market to cater to specific deficiencies.

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